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Round table with official authorities, local civil society, and the international community.

Icon December - December 2022

Icon Aden: (Several districts)

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A roundtable was held in Aden, with the participation of representatives from the relevant official authorities, local civil society organizations, and international organizations in Aden. The aim was to review the results of a field study on issues of community resilience in Aden Governorate, and to discuss the vision and needs of youth on peace-related matters.


Activity Results

During the session, Ms. Thani Al-Srar, the representative of the Aden Foundation for Rights and Development, presented the results of the study conducted in various districts of the governorate. Through this study, the targeted participants expressed the issues and needs that affect their daily lives and the social cohesion and resilience of the community.

According to the results, issues related to public services, food security, the economic situation, and other matters are of high priority for citizens. The absence or poor provision of these issues has a significant impact on the daily life of the individual, as well as on the social fabric, resilience, and cohesion.

The representative of the Youth Consensus for Peace and Security also presented the results of the field study that targeted youth, highlighting the needs and visions of young people regarding peace-related issues. The study results revealed that there are many issues that have affected the situation of young people during the war period. It also pointed to the priorities of young people to achieve peace, and the areas and ways in which stakeholders can increase the participation of young people in decision-making and peacebuilding.

After presenting the results, the participants discussed the roles that all the concerned parties should contribute to in providing these needs and solving the issues that affect the lives of citizens and increase the participation of youth. The session concluded with a set of messages for all the parties concerned, starting from the executive offices, local authorities, the government, local civil society, international organizations, and donor agencies.

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